Manufacturing Intelligence

Manufacturing Intelligence

Delivering turnkey software to the mining, oil and gas, and manufacturing industries

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A disruptive technology company emerging on the international stage

We leverage our unique capability, experience and vision to develop Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM 4.0) generation technology that can deliver significant operational outcomes, whilst also significantly improving the benefits you can get from your other Industry 4.0 and data analytics investments.

Designed for ultimate performance at the lowest possible cost
Our software is architected on the latest and emerging elastic cloud concepts and technologies. This results in highly performant software which can scale up when significant amounts of data need to be processed rapidly and scale back down when data loads are lower.
Embedded with leading practice process automation and interoperability standards
Our software is embedded with the latest ISA-95 concepts, ensuring you can leverage the knowledge of leading MOM automation experts.
Best in Breed
We invest considerable effort in contributing to and leveraging leading practice automation and technology standards to ensure our software is best of breed across the industries our software supports.
Turnkey Solutions
By designing our software to be 100% configurable (with zero customisation), we significantly reduce the cost and time to implement and update MI software. Our intuitive visual modelling approach also makes the configuration approach user friendly and reduces configuration quality issues. This can significantly reduce the cost to implement when compared to traditional MOM software.
Improved data quality feeding big data and analytics solutions
There are significant benefits that can’t be extracted from big data, analytics or artificial intelligence technologies when these platforms are fed with poor quality data. Our software delivers a significant improvement in data quality, accuracy and richness, which extracts greater value from these technologies.
IIoT and next gen process control integration
Our solutions are designed to integrate with event based data from IIoT and next generation process control solutions.


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MI Spatial Intelligence

Real-time 3D visualisation of live operational and design data from one trusted source.

MI Modeller

Model once, deploy everywhere!

MI Tracking

Visibility of the state of your operations at all times.

MI Operations Accounting

Seamless integration between operations management systems and your ERP.

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