31 Oct

MI Modeller product launch May 2017!!!

The team at Manufacturing Intelligence is excited to announce that the first version of MI Modeller will be available online for use in May 2017.  MI Modeller is an innovative, easy-to-use tool that empowers your business to be in total control of supply chain master data across all systems.  This initial version will be made available at no cost. We are currently seeking interest from organisations that would like to be involved in beta testing in April 2017. To register your interest please email us at and we will get in touch with you about next steps and key dates.

MI Modeller will enable you to create a model of your supply chain’s components; including all of the equipment, physical assets, processes, materials and personnel used in the manufacturing of your products. It provides an intuitive visual modelling tool that enables easy modelling of the activities involved in production, logistics, maintenance and/or quality test operations within your organisation.  This initial version will allow the models to be exported in an XML file format based on ISA-95, which can then be used as a single source of master data to be loaded into other systems.

This first release is a great way to get the feel for the product and an opportunity to provide feedback as to how it may be improved to suit your value chain modelling needs.  More advanced versions of MI Modeller due for release later in 2017 will build on this capability; eventually it will act as a single source of truth for all of your supply chain master data that all MOM/MES applications, the ERP and data warehouse align to. Once fully configured into your system landscape, MI Modeller removes the pain caused by misalignment in supply chain master data by automatically updating all dependent systems whenever a change is made to the ‘central’ model.

Please contact us on +61 8 6444 1708 if you have any questions about MI Modeller.

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