Software engineered to provide a rich, accurate, real-time view of the state of your operations.

Manufacturing Intelligence (MI) is a software company providing solutions to the mining, and oil and gas sectors. MI was founded by John Kirkman and Bill Poole in 2016. At MI we believe in engineering solutions that solve real industry problems to deliver a significant and tangible return on investment.

We believe in best practice approaches and standards. We believe in applying the right tool for the job and hiring the right team for the job. Our technology is engineered to automate process at scale and with exceptional performance.

With support of industry, METS and cloud partners we are currently accelerating the development of our core products: MI Tracking, MI Spatial Intelligence and MI Modeller. These products will deliver significant business outcomes in the areas of Ore Body Knowledge, tracking and master data engineering and management. Furthermore, these products provide capabilities that are critical to implementing the "Integrated and System Optimised Mine".

For more information on our products see our products page or get in touch at info@manufacturingintelligence.com.au.

At MI, we also believe in collaboration and partnerships. Specifically, we are very interested in the interoperability of mining software and are always on the lookout for like minded organisations with aligned views, so that we can work together for the betterment of the industry. So, if you are a METS company that is interested in exploring how we may work together, please get in touch at info@manufacturingintelligence.com.au.


John Kirkman

John Kirkman | Managing Director

John Kirkman has significant experience in managing large business and technology teams to deliver transformation and growth projects. John has experience across a number of sectors and technology domains including mining, oil and gas, health, defence, process control and operations management. John contributes to international interoperability and Open Process Automation Forum (OPAF) standards. He is passionate about enabling and implementing interoperable architectures to realise vastly improved operating models that deliver bottom line business outcomes.

Bill Poole

Bill Poole | CTO

Bill Poole is highly regarded internationally for significant contributions to best practice methodologies and standards across a number of domains including Service Oriented Architecture, Process Automation/Interoperability Standards (ISA-95 and B2MML), Enterprise Architecture (TOGAF & Archimate) and enterprise grade distributed systems engineering. Bill also has an excellent understanding of the mining domain and specific areas of high value opportunity with respect to Ore Body Knowledge, tracking, interoperability and value chain optimisation. Bill is hands on in the design and development of all of MI's software offerings.