Company Overview

Manufacturing Intelligence was established to address technology gaps in manufacturing industries as well as mining, oil & gas and agriculture.  These technology gaps are preventing businesses from extracting the maximum possible performance out of their value chains.  Our initial focus is on delivering software that reliably and accurately tracks all work performed in physical goods supply chains, feeding this information in near real time to scheduling, ERP and analytics software.

Our Philosophy is Different

We believe that software should work out of the box without customisation.  We recognise that in many software implementations the vast majority of the implementation cost goes into customising software for each implementation.  Many of our competitors rely on this as a significant source of revenue.  Unlike many of our competitors, we ensure that our software will meet our customers’ requirements with no customisation.  Where functionality gaps exist, we close those gaps in our software before it is implemented at no charge to our customers, which makes this functionality available to our other customers.  This benefits Manufacturing Intelligence by constantly improving the value proposition of our products, but also benefits our customers by significantly reducing implementation costs, reducing upgrade costs and making more functionality available to existing customers over time at no additional cost.  We make this possible by delivering software that is highly versatile and configurable so that it is able to be implemented in any physical goods value chain in any industry.

We believe it is better to have a single product work across industries rather than have industry-specific products.  We achieve this by making our software highly versatile and configurable.  Having a single product that spans multiple industries means we develop and maintain fewer products across all our customers.  This means more R&D investment in each product, which means higher quality products with more features than those of our competitors at a lower price point.

We believe in standards.  We recognise that many standards capture decades of intellectual property investment by experts in value chain operations management and optimisation.  By working with standards groups such as ISA-95 we ensure our customers benefit from this investment.  Where we identify gaps in the standards we utilise, we work with these standards groups to improve the standards where required.  The experts that work in these standards groups then lend their expertise to further improving the changes we submit.  Because our software is based on standards, it also means our software can natively integrate with other products supporting the same standards, which further reduces implementation costs and vendor lock-in.

We believe all technology must serve a business end.  We design our software to support a way of working that will maximise the performance of your value chain.  Each and every feature our software provides is tied to a value driver for your business.  We ensure that by implementing our software, our customers are able to achieve real performance benefits.  We don’t believe in technology serving a technology end.  We don’t believe that implementing a new technology, irrespective of the surrounding hype will achieve a benefit for our customers unless implemented in such a way to support a way of working that will improve the performance of their businesses.  Our software makes use of the latest technologies such as cloud, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), etc, but it does so by targeting those technologies towards achieving proven measurable business benefits.  These technologies are not the goal, but are a means to the end.

Our Partners

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