Published 09/07/2018

The team at Manufacturing Intelligence are very proud to be awarded a grant as part of the METS Ignited Tranche 2 funding round. Senator Michaelia Cash (Federal Minister for Jobs and Innovation) and METS Ignited CEO Ric Gros awarded grants to MI, alongside 7 other METS companies with innovative solutions addressing mining industry problems last week in Perth, Western Australia.

Manufacturing Intelligence has partnered up with miners South 32 and FMG as well as Researcher/METS organisation Mining 3 and global cloud leader Amazon Web Services (AWS) on the project.

The "Ore Body Knowledge and Tracking Project" will enable Manufacturing Intelligence to accelerate the development of two software applications (MI Spatial Intelligence and MI Tracking) that together will provide a rich, accurate, real-time understanding of the state of the entire operations starting with the ore body right through to point of sale.

The science and engineering behind the software enables material and any characteristic to be accurately tracked through all processes that impact the state of the material on the ground in real-time.

This will enable more effective use of the ore body, mobile and fixed plant in turn lowering unit costs.

Particularly exciting for geologists, metallurgists and processing teams, the accuracy and granularity of the genealogy from source will provide rich and accurate insights between various ore body models as well as actuals, so high ROI improvement opportunities can be identified, implemented and benefits measured. Genealogy of material is typically lost through a lack of granular and accurate tracking of the material from blasting, through extraction, load and haul, through stockpiles etc.

Live site trials will be conducted during the project at both South 32 and FMG providing invaluable feedback to all project partners on not only the software but the value of best practice integration approach being used with source systems feeding the software.

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