Published 12/07/2018

We are hiring!

Job title: Distributed Systems Engineer

Job description

MI is on the hunt for our next team member.

We are after a high-calibre distributed systems engineer with expertise in engineering high performance, high concurrency, high contention databases, with knowledge of database locking mechanisms, database performance analysis, and the resolution of database performance issues. Ideally you will have experience with high volume/concurrency relational databases (ideally with PostgreSQL).

It is essential to have experience dealing with large data volumes, highly concurrent inserts/updates, be very familiar with database locking/isolation techniques, database performance analysis (e.g. familiar with query execution plans) and database performance issue/bottleneck identification and resolution. In particular, you need to have deep experience with NHibernate (ideally on top of PostgreSQL) in high performance, high concurrency and high contention database environments.

If you have the right experience, a genuine thirst for knowledge, and the desire to be an industry leading distributed systems engineer, then this may be the job for you.

A bit about our stack

Linux, Docker containers, Kubernetes, using cluster and pod auto-scaling, PostgreSQL database, PostgreSQL compatible edition of Aurora in AWS, .NET Core 2.1 (for managed libraries written in C#), including ASP.NET Core, P/Invoke to unmanaged libraries written in C++, CGAL, NHibernate for relational persistence, Unity, Protobuf serialisation (for both messaging and database storage), AMQP messaging protocol (using Amqp.Net Lite), Apache Artemis message broker, Qpid Dispatch Router, NGINX application load balancer

The package

We pay the right price for the right talent. Excellent salary package including relocation allowance and share options for the right person.

About us

Manufacturing Intelligence is a young and energetic software company. We pride ourselves on our high standards of software engineering, work ethic, accountability and teamwork. Our offices are set up for the job; we have floor-to-ceiling whiteboards throughout which are always filled with an ever-changing canvas of math and design concepts. We are building some very exciting, functionally rich, highly scalable and highly performant software that will deliver significant bottom line benefits for our mining customers.

All of our engineers enjoy access to the end clients; mine site visits, customer engagement, and showcases are a regular fixture on the schedule. This approach results in better outcomes and greater productivity, and is always a great experience.

At MI we pride ourselves on building the best team and we have amongst our ranks engineers at the top of their respective specialised domains. However, as a startup we are constantly learning, and our engineers are exposed to a wide range of domains in the course of their work.

At MI, you'll be working with a great bunch of people, who are exceptional at what they do, building bleeding-edge technology that is going to have a huge impact for our clients.

If this sounds like the role for you, please email us at: