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MI Spatial Intelligence

Next generation spatial platform combining live operational and design data - anywhere and any time.

Industry 4.0 Generation Digital Twin

MI Spatial Intelligence is a revolutionary digital twin technology that enables a real-time 3D visualisation of live operational and design data from one trusted source. Uniquely, MI Spatial Intelligence enables non-spatial applications to leverage spatial information, which is critical when your operational performance can be influenced by a greater understanding of the location of material, equipment and personnel.

Enterprise Platform

Why pay for multiple "point-solutions" when you can have one trusted platform? MI Spatial Intelligence is a powerfully scalable, true enterprise platform servicing multiple concurrent users across the entire organisation.

Extended Reality (XR)

XR includes the entire spectrum from "the complete real" to "the complete virtual", encompassing virtual reality (VR), augmented virtuality (AV) and augmented reality (AR). MI Spatial Intelligence supports hundreds of users all looking at different areas of the value chain from different devices through different views, with near real-time accuracy.

Dynamic Physics Engine

Even with the advent of smart sensors, there are instances in which it is either not possible or cost effective to accurately measure material movements through processes with complex material flows of fluids or bulk commodities through storage, equipment or locations. MI Spatial Intelligence has a dynamic physics engine module which can infer such movements accurately. When fed by MI Tracking, you also know the data being visualised is based upon one single source of the truth, which is as accurate and as rich as it can possibly be. The use cases of such a technology are varied across any industry in terms production, safety and maintenance performance.

MI Modeller

Model once, deploy everywhere!

MI Modeller is an intuitive, model based, centralised value chain engineering technology that delivers significant cost savings through reducing the effort required to configure value chain information for your business systems.

Reduce costs and time to configure your business applications

By using MI Modeller to centrally model the value chain, users can deploy the value chain configuration data to all systems that require it. This can significantly reduce the cost and time to configure software as rather than configuring each application separately as is typically the case, you are able to model once and deploy the configuration data to many of your business applications.

Enables process and information exchange automation

MI Modeller eliminates value chain or master data alignment between different applications by way of all applications being configured by one common model. This enables removing complex mapping between different applications that are commonly implemented to account for misaligned value chain data.

Extract greater value from big data and analytics investments

Alignment of value chain master data across all of your business systems improves the alignment and quality of data feeding your data warehousing and analytics solutions. This can significantly reduce the complexity of integrating these solutions and improves confidence in the data resulting in improved insights into areas of opportunity.

MI Operations Accounting

MI Operations Accounting enables proper accounting/reconciliation of operations actuals out of the box to your ERP. This removes complex integration and end of period reporting workflows commonly seen in businesses today.

Operations Accounting enables a seamless integration between operations management systems and your ERP, whilst systemising proper accounting logic for the purpose of operational accounting. This drastically simplifies end of period reporting processes and removes the need for complicated bespoke integration logic from operational systems to and from the ERP. MI Operations Accounting enables proper accounting and reconciliation of operations actuals out of the box to your ERP. This removes complex integration and end of period reporting workflows commonly seen in businesses today.

MI Tracking

Tracking the state of your value chain accurately and in near real-time, enabling you to manage your operations more effectively

MI Tracking provides visibility of the state of your operations at all times. An accurate, rich and real-time understanding of the state of your value chain in terms of equipment, material, personnel and process is the critical enabler for optimisation of your operations.

Architected to leverage the elastic cloud, MI Tracking is designed for optimal performance at the lowest possible cost. It has been designed to cater for the ever-expanding number of data sources and is 100% configurable, drastically reducing the cost and time to implement.

MI Tracking integrates with your existing source systems that separately track various components of your operations to present you with an accurate view of the state of your operations at all times.

MI Tracking not only reduces operating costs and improves performance, but also provides the rich and accurate data set required by Industry 4.0 automated value chain scheduling solutions.