Imagine  the power to make optimised scheduling decisions based on accurate, up-to-the-minute information about your operational workflows, events, inventory, equipment and personnel.

Imagine  a tracking system that published high quality data in near real-time to scheduling systems that used this information to automatically optimise your production.

Imagine  the power to instantly trace the full genealogy of a finished product back through your entire value chain to its base ingredients.

Imagine  retaining your ability to track the flow of material even when different parts of your value chain are operated by different businesses or organisations?

What could you do with such control over your value chain?

Would you choose to optimise the size of the buffers at your value chain bottlenecks to ensure customer satisfaction without tying up working capital? Would you trace any problem with product quality back to its root cause and establish precisely what items have been affected and ensure the issue doesn’t occur again? Would you have your scheduling systems constantly reforecast and determine when a schedule should be updated in order to optimise production?

MI Tracking gives you supreme control over your value chain.

Whether your production process is discrete or continuous and regardless of industry, MI Tracking provides you with the power to optimise your value chain’s performance and reduce your cost of production.


Lower Cost of Production

Optimise your scheduling decision making with near real-time visibility of inventory feeding scheduling systems.


Trace Quality Issues to Source

High detailed genealogy lets you instantly identify exactly where in the value chain quality issues have occurred and the exact items affected.


Low Cost of Implementation

Simple to configure and out of the box interoperability with other Manufacturing Operations Management products.



Deployable in any physical goods value chain chain regardless of size, complexity, industry or production process (discrete or continuous).


Low Cost of Ownership

World leading performance without the burden of IT infrastructure costs.



Full historical record of all actuals reported from your execution of production, inventory, quality test and maintenance processes.